About Us


For the past 20 years Jeff Allen of Pacific Provender has been sourcing and steam distilling Sandalwood from Australia and abroad.

Due to the costs of transporting the raw material from the source to the distillery for processing it has been proven that setting up a distillery at the source of the material is the most economically viable option. This model also creates opportunities for employment & micro enterprise development for local people living on a remote island such as Erromango.

We work in partnership with local communities & individuals with the aim for self empowerment and benefiting from value their natural resources.

This model can be applied to other communities around the world.

Jeff Allen specialises in botanical extracts he is involved in the development of businesses, mostly in remote locations, based on natural products, with expertise in machinery and marketing. The core areas of his business are the design and manufacturing of distillation units and associated equipment for processing of plant extracts. In the past they have supplied the USA’s largest herbal tea company (Traditional Medicinals) with Lemon Myrtle leaf grown by farmers in Northern NSW. He has worked with Papua New Guinea Agriculture to improve quality processing of Pyrethrum. He has built, designed and commissioned equipment in Western Australia, Croatia, Indonesia & Fiji. He has extensive experience with on the job training that is aimed at workers with low literacy skills or English as a second language. He is at present studying his Masters in Tropical Environmental Management externally with Charles Darwin University (CDU) with an emphasis on rural community development.

Susi Allen is primarily a Montessori teacher currently teaching at Port Vila International School. In 2007 she worked with a parent community to open the Beechworth Montessori School, she worked in a number of roles such as Principal & class Teacher. She has also run a small business making a marketing soap and body care products based on locally produced essential oils & ingredients. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education & an International Montessori Teaching Diploma.