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At Pacific Provender we manufacture and supply equipment  to distill and extract essential oils from a range of organic materials including leaf, bark, wood, seeds, flowers and fruit. The gentle vapour distillation technique used by our stills produces a high quality oil compared to the mass produced oils obtained by high pressure and intense dry steam. These stills are suitable for many essential oils such as Sandalwood, Ginger, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass & Tea Tree Oils.

All the distillation units (stills) below are used for leaf, bark, wood, roots, seeds, flowers & fruit. Depending on your situation, there may need to be modifications made to the standard machine.

We can supply all necessary machinery and train local farmers to collect raw materials and distill essential oils.

All distillation units (stills) are made from food grade stainless steel.

All units can be heated by gas or wood fire.

Another option is to have a small steam generator which produces steam which is connected by hose to the still. These steam generators can be run from wood, coconut husk etc.

Small Stills

There are 3 sizes in the small range.

The 25 litre is perfect for trials etc, it will fit the same volume as a pillow sack.

The 60 litre will hold 3 pillow sacks full of material.

The 60 litre can be doubled in size to a 120 litre with minimal outlay.

All these stills are for sale and hire.


Medium Stills

These come in 2 sizes the 205ltr and the 410 litre.

You can purchase the 205 litre and then with minimal outlay can double the capacity by purchasing an extra column to turn it into a 410 ltr.

The amount of material a 205 litre can hold is the same as a 44 gallon fuel drum.


Large Still for towing behind 4WD.

This large portable still is 1200 litre which is on its own trailer and can be towed by a 4WD.

This unit needs a steam generator to be functional.

The steam generator will fit on the tray of a 4WD.


Custom Built Small to Large Enterprise Essential Oil Extraction Facilities

We design, build, commission steam distillation facilities for larger production of raw material into saleable essential oils. (please see Large Stills category)

We design a full flow system from raw material chipping, shredding & grinding to the final steam distillation of the product.

Full training of staff is provided & Standard Operational Procedures put in place.

Oil Press’s

These are used for the extraction of oil & juice from a variety of plant materials that cannot be steam distilled. The press’s are simple to use and are made from food grade stainless steel. There is some pre treatment of most seeds before oil extraction, such as skin or husk removal. With some there needs to be a pre heating or cracking of the nut. We can supply this valuable information with the sale of machinery.

Perculators for Solvent, Glycolic or Ethanolic Extraction

This kind of machinery is used for some of the finer plant materials & spices such as Vanilla. Standard Operational Procedures (SOP’s) are supplied with each unit depending on the material being processed.

Other Machinery for Sale

We can source many high quality machinery for your individual needs.

The machinery readily available for purchase through us is: Wood Chippers, Hammermills, Pin Mills, Mulchers, Steam Engines for small scale power production.