Our Projects


The machinery runs from firewood and water. The technology that has been developed has the ability to be charging batteries whilst distilling the oils. This will allow local people to bring sealed batteries that are used for home lighting & power to be charged during the day. There is a waste stream of hot water that can be used for bathing, sanitary and health uses such as laundry. The heat from the waste hot water can also be used for the drying of foods such as fish, fruit which can be used at a later date.

There are 2 by-products which are the wood that the oil has been extracted from (spent charge) and the distilled water that has a Sandalwood odour. The wood is further processed into powder for sale. The company has machinery to process the distilled wood (spent charge) into joss sticks and incense sticks. The company plans to contract farmers to grow other essential oil plants that are insect deterrent. This insect deterrent oil is mixed with the spent charge to make mosquito coils. This will bring significant health benefits to the Ni-Vanuatuans. There will also be training for women how to make soap using sandalwood oil & other essential oils grown on Erromango.

A Community Development Foundation will be setup and 10% of profits will be placed into the account for helping to develop community development projects such as a High School, Health Centre. This Trustee Account will be held by the Erromango Village Chiefs & other beneficial members of community.